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Thank you!Best site ever!Gifts are free and I love it!Thank you!   K R I S T I N A <3
Oh we're blushing thank you for your support!
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when will improve?
We're improving it time at a time.
We haven't been online for some time now! Hope you don't mind!
We can be online for a few minutes only, so take your PCs or smartphones, and ask us!
How do you change this language to English?!   ♚Shelly♚
Like this
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We're #ONLINE ! Ask us anything you want to know!
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Does this website has an app?   ❁ evan peters ❁
No, not yet. We're working on it with joy!
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can there be a question of the day?
This question is from 9 hours ago. We made that option too! Enjoy!
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well i loved this site hahah :'D wait r ye the one who made it? i dunno lmao   Nialls wife
Yes we made it.
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real lady gaga, rihanna and beyonce ?
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well i like this site but i fucking have to wait for one like -____-   Nialls wife
We know, it's kinda slow :) we are working on it. Improving it.
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what's the difference between and this? O.o
Well, we have a 'free gifts' option. On you have to pay.
And here we have emojis. And more
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how people get that vertified symbol on theirs
You have to connect with your twitter, instagram or facebook, to get linked ( verified)
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love your site !! the best :like:   Lady Gaga
Thank you dear!
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how to give the gift how? please teach me   Sarah Sephia Putri
Under the green button that says 'follow' you have 'make a gift' . Press that and chose the gift you wanna send.
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We are sorry, but your account is a fake account.
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We're gonna do something nice for you #Askers.UsLovers.
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there should be a reccomended users section on here :)
There is ;)
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not many people r using this yet
We know. You can share us if you want
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this is bast social network ever
Thank you, we are trying our best.
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whats going to be changed and improved?
You'll see. :) Apps, gifs already can ( we've added those )
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